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      This is Your Moment!

        Would you love to stop limiting

            yourself with cake designs and start

            creating cake toppers that make your

            cakes extra special by adding that

            personal touch? Or, how

            about just having some time out just

            for you, zoning out from everyday life.

            Learning, achieving and unleashing

            your creativity.


            Sounds good huh?!

So why does the thought of creating sugar caricatures make us instantly feel tense?

        If you’re like most people, the thought of creating sugar models for your family or

(even worse) customers, is quite scary.


          Why? Because it’s hard to get it right, especially when you haven't been shown how. You're trying to make an individual character based on a real person, usually under pressure.


                      Faces can look distorted, proportions just don’t seem to look right, the pieces don’t

stick together, and later you notice the dreaded cracks.

Sometimes the result is shocking! 


As a result, you feel stressed at the thought, it knocks your confidence, so you

avoid creating them, even though you love it.

What if I told you I could eliminate your fears?

That I could hand you everything you need to take away the stress.

That you could create jaw-dropping cake toppers.


Instead of looking at the final result of a caricature, look at it in broken down parts.

For example, the arms, legs or torso. Then imagine that each part is broken down into a

series of baby steps.

1. Weight out the X number of grams in skin tone colour.

2. Create a beautiful crease free ball. 3. Create a tapered sausage.

4. Place the tapered sausage onto the template, use the side of your little finger and roll

back and forth to create a dip to match.


At each stage, you'd be working with me closely, watching me through video. As I go, explaining in-depth common mistakes. Asking you to check you’re not making them. I'll be with you the whole way through, along with your templates and measurements, which completely take out any sort of guesswork...


Doesn't that sound so much easier?





I KNOW IT IS!  because this is where I started...

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

I’m not self-taught!


To build my skills, I invested heavily in myself,

 and I even travelled abroad to learn from the

 best sugar artists I could find.  That’s how I

 learnt fast and found my very own style.


  You don’t have to be artistic! It’s all about

 learning from someone that has spent countless

 hours, figuring out all the difficult stuff.

 So, you can concentrate solely on

 mastering the skills.

Feeling like it might be too advanced for you?


Most of my students are complete beginners. Don't opt to create sugar art that looks

"simple" If you learn basic, you’ll create basic and that’s a fact!


But don't just take it from me, check out what some of my lovely students are saying...



“ You can only be as good as the standard you’re taught”


The Ultimate Sugar Modelling Master Class

 This is a complete 101 in sugar modelling! You will learn how to create ANY sugar caricature you want! Mastering proportions and facial features for any ages, gender and ethnicities. Styling your characters, learning accessories, hairstyles and outfits.


Each module contains in-depth video tutorials, PDF instructions,

measurements, and templates to guide you step-by-step in creating

professional-looking sugar models in a fraction of the time.


In the last few years, I've had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students how to create

caricatures at an advanced standard. I've learnt quick, easy ways to create sugar models

    over and over again. From that, I have built a profitable cake topper business that perfectly

fits in with my family life.


I’m handing over the step-by-step system I used to get there!


Module 1: The Foundations

Let’s strip it back to the basics: We will cover all types of edible pastes. How to cover cake dummies, boards and create bases for your caricatures. How to model shapes using your hands as tools. All about colours; how to paint details, shade, creating depth and shadows that make your caricatures pop, and more.

Module 2: Getting to Know People

Learn everything you need about modelling the human body and face. We’ll take a deep dive into body proportions for all types and facial features for all ages, ethnicities

Module 3: The Baby

You’ll learn how to create baby models with the right body proportions and facial features of various ethnicities, including a new-born, a one-year-old baby, and a super-sized baby topper for christening, baby showers, and birthdays.

Module 4: The Toddler

In this module, you’ll learn how to create toddler models of several ethnicities and various boy hairstyles. You’ll also learn different outfits: all-in-one, and wellies, scarf, raincoat, and hood.

Module 5: The Young Girl

Everything about creating young teenage girl models: facial features, proportions, hairstyles, and ethnicities. You’ll learn to create legs with socks, trainers, skirt and top, bear arms and hands.

Module 6 & 7: The Adult Female & Male

You’ll learn to create a sexy busty curvy female, in different ethnicities and hairstyles. You’ll dress her in a long dress with painted detail, hat, high heels, and bag.


Create a man with muscular legs, arms, hands, and feet. Different ethnicities and hairstyles. You’ll dress him in a t-shirt, ripped denim shorts, and flip-flops.

Module 8 & 9: The Elders (Granny and Grandad)

Learn to create an old, larger woman. Dressing her in a long skirt and jumper, with a detailed apron. Holding a pie.

Learn to create an older man with a big belly. We’ll dress him in smart clothes and glasses holding a cane.

Let's talk Extras!

Are You Ready?!

How is this different from other sugar modelling courses?


Quite simply, no one has created a course like it. I'm giving you all the tools you need, all in one place, that you can refer to for life!


I have designed this masterclass based on what I learned by teaching dozens of live workshops and classes. I have distilled everything you need to know in a collection of fun, step-by-step tutorials that get you creating immediately along with me.


By creating each character, you’ll acquire all the skills and techniques you need to create whoever you want.


How? By mixing and matching the techniques!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never done modelling before. Can I still do the masterclass?

Are the modules taught in a live class?

How do I access the class?

When will each module be released?

Can I have access to the modules earlier?

How do I access the Private Facebook Group?

How does the weekly live support work?

What if I can't attend the live support sessions?

Are there class notes available?

What equipment will I need?

A full equipment list will be provided within module 1. You will have access to this on the 10th November,

with plenty of time to purchase items for the start of the course on the 22nd November.

Hi, I'm Christina Georgiou, and I’m Super Excited to help you create amazing sugar caricatures you can be proud of.


Starting as a pastry chef in Claridges, I decided to go solo and bring together my two loves, art and baking, and so Tasteful Cakes was born! Over the last 7 years, I have won awards and made cakes for big brands such as Pladis and McVitie’s. 


I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of students to help them achieve amazing sugar art. And demonstrated it to many more around the country, at massive events like the Cake & Bake Show in London. My work has been featured on the front covers, and I regularly create projects for the Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine.


After all of this, there is only one moment that fully fills me with absolute joy and satisfaction. And, that is the proud look I see on a person’s face when they have finished creating something unimaginable to them. That is the moment I live for!


It's why I created this course, eliminating all of the tuff stuff. I want you to enjoy the process of learning, so you reach your true potential. 


“Teaching is only demonstrating that it's possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself.


If you’re serious about creating unique personalised caricatures

for your loved ones, or professionally for business.   

This Masterclass is made for you!


Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out alone.  Get to the level you want to be at fast.


I’ll be with you every step of the way!

Once you go through the Masterclass, you will…


-  Be able to create any caricature you want, the kind of models that make people go “wow...”


 -  You’ll be able to create faster, with confidence and enjoymentNo more fear of ending up with disappointing results.


 -  You will have adapted your own caricature style.


 -   You’ll be able to use your skills with polymer clay too, to create life-lasting mementoes for your customers and loved ones.

Join the Ultimate Modelling Masterclass today to receive this ONE TIME OFFER of support for up to one year!!!

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